Science Horizons Initiative


Looking for ways to improve Science Education

(and get paid for it?)

Improving learning in the sciences is a concern shared my many all over our state. One way to address the needs of improving science education is to listen to and support classroom teachers with ideas for their classroom or grade within their building. This invitation is intended to encourage you to help find those teachers who have an idea that could develop into such an improvement plan. Science Horizons Initiative was awarded the Montana State University 2015 Award for Excellence in Outreach.  Consider taking advantage of this award winning program.



- For Middle and High School Science Teachers in Montana Native American Reservation Middle and High Schools

- For one intensive week on the MSU campus

- Will include personal stipend, and money for supplies to fund the science education improvement plans of seven selected participants. Travel, room and board for the week will also be provided free.

- An opportunity to develop and share science teaching ideas from any area of science

- Easy to apply to…… please see the attached pages or call 406-994-5399 or email with any questions

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