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Enthusiastic Endorsements

" experience with you and the others this summer during the Science Horizons Initiative was so positive. It was one of the most memorable and meaningful teacher education experiences I have had since I started teaching in 1984. I thank you for the opportunity."

The "Science Horizon Initiative for Teachers" was a great learning experience, an effective way to gather knowledge for the classroom, and super way to connect with teachers from across the state. It was the best workshop I have attended because I was able to immediately apply and use the information in my classroom. The thought and time put into making such an effective workshop is appreciated and I believe all teachers who have the opportunity to experience this should take the time and effort to do so.

(comments from recent Science Horizons Initiative participants)

Hopa Mountain encourages science teachers to apply for an opportunity to participate in the Horizons program in 2011. Grab a hold of this unique opportunity to develop innovative science lessons of your own design and engage students in inquiry-based science experiments. You will have a chance to test your ideas, work with award-winning chemistry instructor Dr. Bill McLaughlin, and create culturally-responsive curriculum. You and your students just might deepen your appreciation for science as a result!

Dr. Bonnie


Executive Director

Hopa Mountain


Middle School and High School Science Educators! Are you looking to improve the science background of your students and develop a lesson/unit for your science curriculum that is culturally responsive? Do you want to explore ways to integrate Indian Education for All, while meeting Montana Science Standards? If so, I encourage you to apply for the Science Horizons Initiative. Under the guidance of Dr. Bill McLaughlin, the director of Science Horizons Initiative, you’ll have the opportunity to network with fellow science educators in classrooms on or near reservations across Montana, receive support to participate in a week-long summer seminar at MSU, earn graduate course credit, and bring your science project into fruition.

Dr. Jioanna Carjuzaa,

Associate Professor

Montana State University-Bozeman

Department of Education

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